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Landscape of Mexican Bordertown with Black Sky, adobe buildings, trash pile, tires (thumbnail) Factory at the Mexican border, laundry hanging on lines, blue sky, adobe houses (thumbnail) Borderland Series: Desert Survival Lotteria (thumbnail) Borderland Series: Ghosts Along The Border (thumbnail) Borderland Series: Perilous Crossing (thumbnail) Borderland Series: Killing Fields (thumbnail) Border Lotteria for the Unfortunates (thumbnail) Memorial To The Dead Women of Juarez (thumbnail) Trapped At The Border (thumbnail) Smeltertown at The Rio Grande Border (thumbnail) Borderland Series: Neighborhood of Darkness (thumbnail) Girl holding death doll, train wreck, desert (thumbnail) Cincinnati skyline, ladder of bones, tied hands, red, cream sky (thumbnail)
Trapped At The Border (large view)
Trapped At The Border
Oil on Canvas, 2010
42" H x 48" W